In the beggining.

Besides the imposing force of a cliche title, I believe, that this post and the ones to follow will prove to be anything but. My journey is not a spiritual one for until it has accepted me I refute the spiritual world. My journey on the other hand is a emotional one, which should be received as one that is much more terrifying. Being a spiritual person can and is often associated with the “hippie type” believing in homeopathy, healing crystals, and clairvoyance isn’t far behind when you say “I’m on a spiritual journey”. Now don’t get offended if you are this type of person as we are all entitled to our beliefs and practices. But I am choosing now to group myself away from this. My journey is one of emotion, one of self realization and development, one of deconstructing myself and accepting what a piece of shit I am and then fixing it. This journey involves tools. I do not condone these tools and I do not suggest them or encourage them. If you wish to follow the same practices as mine that is your decision.

This blog will be stories about the use of meditation, breathing techniques, and psychedelics for the purpose of bettering myself. If you have a problem with this that is fine. Move on, you don’t have to read this blog. But if your curious what I have learned about myself.
Do stay tuned.